How to recognize Gelato

How to Recognize Authentic Gelato

1- Sweetness

If "Gelato" is too sweet and you drink a lot after, it means you are eating bad product full of sugar.

Artisan Gelato is less sweet.


2- Temperature

If "Gelato" display is between -16/-22 °C (2/-5 °F) degrees means you are eating wrong product with a LOT of sugar. This because sugar is powerful antifreeze (like salt in winter on the road) and to keep texture "Gelato" temperature must be between above temperatures.

Artisan Gelato is served between -8 and -10 °C degrees.


3- Colour

If "Gelato" is too much colored means is made with food coloring.

Artisan Gelato is made with no artificial colors and all is natural.

(for example natural color of pistachio is light brown or light green)


4- Knowledges

If you want good "Gelato" before to buy ask always how it is made and which kind of ingredients they use. Fake product contain Gelatine as thickener and water instead of fresh milk.

Artisan Gelato is made only with fresh milk and pure cream.


5- Gelato Display

If you see mountain of "Gelato" means you are seeing mountain of ice.

Artisan Gelato has little hills in a Gelato tubs.


6- Too much toppings

If you see too much topping on "Gelato" means you are eating only topping to give "gelato" flavour or cover other bad flavours.

Artisan Gelato don't need much toppings because every flavours is an Explosion of Taste.


7- Different ingredients

Fake products contains chemical and low quality ingredients full of preservatives and additives.

Artisan Gelato contains only High Quality ingredients and Fresh Fruit.


8- Sorbets

Artisan Sorbets are dairy free and vegan and MUST be made only with FRESH fruit.

Artisan Sorbet has the same texture of Artisan Gelato, served at the same temperature.


9- Skills

To make Artisan Gelato you need to study Mathematics, Biology of Food and Chemistry and still studying to improve recipes every day to give you HIGH QUALITY products.

Fake products are sold from Unqualified people with any knowledges about what are they selling.


10- Worth & Passion

Making Artisan Gelato is a very hard work; it needs a lot of time and effort. Only a big passion is able to realize it.


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